New Article on The Huffington Post

Check out my new article on The Huffington Post about pop culture, politics, and the way we bastards view them. Tried to keep it on the short side because of the attention span of the average online reader. Which means…

Working (kind of)

It’s a strange thing, trying to be a writer. There are long periods where you don’t want to tell people what you are working on. Not that it’s a secret or anything mysteriously intriguing like that. It is simply because…

Waiting is the hardest part

I hate waiting for responses to queries or to see if something I sent in will be published. Right now I am doing both. I have sent in a new article to The Hugffington Post Blog and a query to…

Short Thought

Luck favors the prepared, but the prepared don’t need luck.

The Kings Crier .com!

The Kings’ Crier is a Los Angeles Kings hockey blog written by Adrian Louis Chandler. All related posts for the Kings Blog are at For more information go to the site and click on the tab “About the Mayhem.”

Sunday Check Up 8-26-2012

I was at my friend’s birthday party last night at a bar in Santa Monica called The Daily Pint. Fun times, but I think I re-injured my jaw again. Needless to say I will make this Check Up a bit…

Sunday Check Up 8-19-2012

For today’s Sunday Check Up I am posting a new poem called “Ode to Beauty” in the poetry section. This is a poem that I personally feel is close to my heart and had been thinking about writing for years….